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Sushi Maker Set DIY

Sushi Maker Set DIY

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DIY Sushi Mold Box Description: 

1. Sushi mold box, play with a variety of shapes, easily make patterned sushi

2. Use simple split design. Separate gland design, the finished product is compact, and the sushi can be quickly formed by pressing it by hand

3. Comes with grooving design. The rolling is compact, and the cutting is even and neat. The cutting groove is uniform, simple slitting, tight and not scattered and not deformed.

4. Easy to operate, easily roll out full sushi of uniform size

5. Use food-grade PP material, which can directly contact with food, safe and odorless

6. Thick selection of materials, strong and durable, can be directly contacted with food

7. Smooth and non-sticky. The surface of the mold is smooth and does not stick to the rice, does not scratch your hands, and is easy to clean

8. Material: food grade ABS material

Easy to operate, forming in one press

Food grade ABS material

Heart-shaped, square, round and other shapes

Split design

Uniform grooving, simple slitting, tight fitting

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