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Number Shaped Baking Mold

Number Shaped Baking Mold

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A number shaped baking mold is a baking tool that allows you to create cakes or baked goods in the shape of numbers. Here are some features and benefits of number shaped baking molds:


  • Made from various materials such as silicone, tin, and glass
  • Available in different numbers, ranging from 0-9
  • Can be reusable and easy to clean
  • Can be used for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings


  • Easy to use: Simply put the mold on a prepared sponge or cake batter and the number shape appeal
  • Creates unique and personalized cakes: Number shaped baking molds allow you to create cakes that represent ages, years, or months
  • Versatile: Can be used for different types of baked goods such as cakes, brownies, and bread
  • Non-stick surface: Some number shaped baking molds have a non-stick surface that makes it easy to remove the cake from the mold without damaging it
  • Perfect serving sizes: Some number shaped baking molds are large enough to serve 10-15 people, making them ideal for parties and celebrations

Overall, a number shaped baking mold can be a fun and creative way to make personalized cakes for different occasions. They are easy to use, versatile, and can create unique and memorable desserts


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